19 October 2008

"Im a fucked up dad"-Mr Tan

hahaha that was exactly what my dad said to me today when i met up with him for a chat after a few months. Obviously i did not expect him to say that, which father would say that to their own daughters??

Well yup, i asked my dad out for dinner on Thursday because i was feeling ultimately bored and just had an urge to have a chit chat with an almost-stranger. So, i texted him!

Me: hey dad, meet up for dinner?
Dad: Soccer game on tonight, sat ok.
Me: COOL! sat then :)

I didn't expect him to be still playing soccer and stuff, wheeehehe maybe he still has 6pacs! Im rather positive since i see no signs of pot-belly! But argh, still an excessive smoker.

When i met my dad today at tampines mall after church, the first thing he said even before i said Hi, was what happened to your leg? hahaha i fielded many of that questions in church too, so i replied sheepishly, "i fell off a bike hehe"

So we talked about wall street meltdown, great depression and stuff since he works as a stock broker and is constantly updated about such news, and i reckoned that the best i could do was to show interest in whatever he was talking about. IM A GREAT DAUGHTER :}
Hehehehe and i told him how i admired Sarah Palin, turns out to be a very unexpected-non-awkward meet up. nice.

Oh and yes, we discussed about how my dad and my mum were never meant to be, since one was english educated and the latter was chinese educated, and they communicated in dialect(!!), so i realised that since young i had never really wished they would be back together because i knew it was just plain dumb, hah. But turns to be great anyway since my brother and i became fluent bilingual-ly(!!) since we have to talk to the both of them separately most of the time.

This could be my longest post ever!

Well, after the next meet up(goodness knows when), i will read this!

the cream i applied on my open wounds are swimming among pus.

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