18 September 2008


tomorrow will be a better day!
i cant believe myself, but the channel 8 show at 7pm can actually make me sad :(
its just like every japanese show/movie that has this weird aura about it.
it may not be nice at all and the plot is lousy, and the 7pm one even has the actors/actresses speaking in ultimate malaysian accent, but! they are trying so hard!
oh yes, perfect cut has the feel too. hehe

im feeling so depressed after watching the show, and it has totally no link to whatever im feeling sad about.
my year as a sec3 student ends after exams!!
omggggg im going to miss sitting with joy, with yian and jiayi beside me, joanne somewhere near me, siying always appearing somewhere around me and sandy and minghe behind me!
im saying it as though im migrating to bermuda triangle and not seeing them forever.

and, i have come up with a good study plan!
since its only one week left to exams, and, i haven really had any proper work done (@#$%^&*)
sleeping early like 8 or 9pm and then 3am up to study!
i totally forgot that that's one of my optimum study hours! wheee

today's recess was crazy fun
we picked names and bought for each other exotic food within 2 dollars


LOLOL i didn't expect the 明天会更好to be that big, but whatever, it looks... cny-ish whee

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